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Story Of The Giant In IT

Over time there had been many companies in the IT industry which came into existence and disappeared well afterwards. However, there are a number of other companies who were able to survive the storm in technological revolution and swim upstream. The below article is on a brand and an enterprise which has been surviving and conquering the market space.

With the headquarters in Palo Alto California, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) which was founded 78 years ago on the 1st of January 1939. This business was mainly focused on providing software and hardware solutions to the small-to-medium scale businesses and to the average customers and was founded by William Redington Hewlett and David Packard and has expanded into software, hardware, IT services and IT consultancy.

The company’s success was becoming an evident factor in their growth as both David and William started closing successful deals with the buyers. Their very first innovation which became successful and started earning financial profits for them was the invention of model HP200A which was a precision audio oscillator and became successful because the technology that they used made it possible to price it much lesser than the competitor products and this was a point where the owners realized that having end-consumer friendly products which are affordable can be a way forward in their market capture.

The company was first manufacturing electronic test equipment and slowly started shifting towards the manufacturing of personal computers also known as PC’s. With the gradual improvements, HP was able to be the world’s leading PC manufacturer between the years of 2007 to 2013 and was soon beaten by some other competitors.

Through the years, there were many successful events in the diary of HP as electronics and PC manufacturing company as it had been interested in areas such as bio-analytics. Hyper converged infrastructure were mostly acquired through the acquisitions and mergers with companies like Agilent Technologies, Compaq, EDS and were listed as one of the blue chip fortune 500 companies with the 9th position in the year of 2009.

The PC business evolved into laptops around the year of 2010 and HP started investing money and effort in Laptop business but was not successful at the beginning but started kicking off the market and capturing the many markets around the word around the year of 2012.

However, in 2014 HP announced that it would be splitting the business into two as enterprise products & services and PC & printers business but this split only happened in 2015 around the month of November where the two companies which were formed were known as HPE and HP Inc.

HP even though it was originally started in a garage with a help of a college professor has been able to achieve great achievements throughout its history and today owns many advanced solutions in both the sister companies.  Over the years the technology advancements were starting to be pioneered by HP where it was known to be a hybrid cloud management platform and has started dominating the IT industry once again.

The biggest threat to the company are the dupe products that are manufactured around the world and the many other competitors entering the market especially from the developing countries, but HP will strive to be the market leader even with heavy competition.

Story Of The Giant In IT
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