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Main Advantages Of Playing Games On PC Instead Of Consoles

The debate on whether or not PC gaming is better than console gaming is one that is never going to end anytime soon. Both sides do have their own advantages and disadvantages, which makes it difficult to pick a clear winner. In fact, both choices are absolutely viable: one should decide what features he or she wants and stick with the platform to seem to satisfy them best. If you are looking at PC gaming, you might be interested in buying a new machine if you think any of the following points are enticing enough to make you opt for a PC instead of a console:

Better Graphics

Console games nowadays look beautiful and almost like they are from the actual world, but the truth is that the same game on PC will always look better if it is properly optimized. The reason for this is that even mid-range PC hardware is much more powerful than the hardware consoles ship with. If you consider high-end PC hardware, then the gap in performance is even higher. For the ultimate graphical experience, there is no contest: PC all the way

The Customization

Having a gaming PC lets you customize it as you see fit: install fancy LED kits, illuminated fans, custom cases, high-quality best gaming headphones, etc. The possibilities are really endless, and they mostly depend on your creativity, space restrictions and total budget.

Ability to Install Custom Game Mods

Another major advantage of PC games is the fact that some of them are moddable to an extent (there are instances where modding particular games is practically impossible, but this is rare). On top of that, certain games do encourage the making of custom mods by making modding a core part of the game itself. This can help users find a lot of alternatives to enjoy their games in different ways, thus extending the usable life of the game far beyond a couple of years.

Availability of Different Ways to Control the Game

PC gamers can enjoy their games on a cheap keyboard, a high-end best mechanical keyboard, a dedicated controller (even those designed for consoles), a steering wheel with force feedback, a flight stick and just about any other type of game controlling device that uses a USB connection. Compatibility will almost always be a non-issue, while the same cannot be said for consoles. Some of them have started accepting different types of controllers, but compatibility is often limited to a select few branded models.

Cheap Games

In the recent past, console games have always retailed at much higher prices than PC games, mostly so as the game developers can make money even after deductions made from the console makers for their own profits. Sales on popular online stores are quite common in the PC gaming scene, with some games being discounted by as much as 70-80% depending on the time of year. Thus, you may be able to buy several new PC games for the same amount you are paying for a single console title.

Main Advantages Of Playing Games On PC Instead Of Consoles
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